Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Ramayana dance art performance.
Kecak dance is one type of dance popular in Bali. This dance tells the story of the Ramayana, and is performed by more than 30 dancers.

Kecak dance is often performed in the Uluwatu area, which is a region in Bali that has the most perfect sunset setting.

The dancers who sat in a circle were dressed in checkered cloth like a chess board around their waist. Besides the dancers, there were also other dancers who played Ramayana figures such as Rama, Shinta, Rahwana, Hanoman, and Sugriwa.

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The Kecak dance song is taken from the Sanghyang dance ritual. Additionaly, do not use musical instruments. Only light is used on the legs of the dancers who play the characters of the Ramayana.

The Kecak dance itself was popularized around the 1930s by Wayan Limbak in collaboration with German painter Walter Spies.

This is a dance tradition where the dancers will be in an unconscious condition, communicate with God or the spirits of their ancestors and then convey their hopes to the community.

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